​​tazzyt design YOUR ONLINE STORE FOr clothing and swag 

How to navigate Redbubble:
NOTE: Redbubble is working on their interface. The drop down menu will return soon.

A quick way to change the garment style:

- Copy title into search & add 'womens tshirt' 

- Copy title into search & add 'hoodies' etc...

NOTE: Click  HERE to go to my Redbubble Store.

Then use the 'Available Products' menu in the lower left, to select the garment type you are looking for...

What is the buying process?

TazzyT Design utilizes multiple Vendors to fulfill orders. Available items differ between Vendors. When purchasing a design you will be redirected to the proper Vendor. You can then make your item selection (type, color, size - depending on what it is you are purchasing). Depending on the Vendor, and the items activated, you will be able to select different options for that design on their website.

What is the Vendor process?

The Vendors handle billing, shipping and returns. TazzyT Design has partnered with the Vendors and provides unique designs and artwork for sale on each of their websites.

How to care for your new garments:
This print style requires care to keep the design looking new.
   - Turn inside out before washing and drying
   - Machine wash only in cold water
   - Lay flat to dry and avoid machine drying
   - If necessary: Machine dry on LOW HEAT
​   - Do not iron on the printed design